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Shaco LLC is an American corporation founded and led by Farris Aurelius, who previously worked at Morgan Stanley Investment Bank in New York and in hedge fund management. Shaco is a diversified conglomerate – that is, a corporation which owns several business units thereby gaining resilience and stability in profits through diversification. The company is powered by an innovative culture and deep skills that are transferable across subsidiaries. Shaco owns the website ScaleBattalion.com. For small startups ScaleBattalion offers all the tools to grow under 1 roof, including marketing, product development, and international sales. Its motto is “building startups as a service”. Whether it is a mobile app, website, or hardware firm – the 30+ specialists at ScaleBattalion help startups grow into medium sized companies and build the departments needed to continue that growth beyond. In 2019 CEO Aurelius invested in the Scottish startup, ZivaRobotics.com, and developed relations with the Business Development wing of Scottish Enterprise, a branch of the Scottish government. This summer our CEO also spent 3 months in San Francisco advising entrepreneurs at the 500 Startups business accelerator and at UnionVC (see 500.co and Union.vc). He helped the startup Bytez.io as a Strategist.

CEO & Chairman of the Board

Farris Aurelius

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12613 Torbay Drive,
Boca Raton
Florida 33428

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